Yeah, okay it’s really old.  But everytime I watch it I love it a little bit more.  More UK venues please Mr Etienne de Crecy, and bring those nice shiny cubes along too.


On Friday I went to Bestival, danced like an idiot to Soulwax and burnt my face. I also put my digital camera in the depths of my bag and after a short panic that I’d lost it, got hold of two digital cameras from an over priced off-license. I loved having a disposable, and I’ve just got them back from the shop (I’ve still got half a roll waiting to be used on the other camera so they might get developed next year).


I love how they look. The set’s here. I love how they look a bit like photos of me and my parents from the 80s, the photos of my childhood which I’ve always loved the aged quality of, with a faded ‘this is history’ look. Some of them aren’t straight, some I took by accident and I’ve discovered I’ve got an excellent knack for sticking my finger over the lens, but I don’t really care because I don’t have enough ‘real’ photos and love the novelty.




In b flat

August 29, 2009

First collaborative youtube project that’s struck er.. a chord. So it’s either good, or I like it because it sounds a bit like The Album Leaf. I suspect as bit of both. I liked making combinations, but that got boring and usefully they all sound great together – even the Baz Luhrmann type voice (1,0). This is an awesome post because I get to use co-ordinates.

It is here.

Picture 1

Excellent new form of DJing from the ‘Neurosonics Audiomedia Laboratory‘. Whilst kissing robots and frowning Einsteins may be real and are great (yawn) I still like this more. Also they wear lab coats so it’s clearly very scientific.
via: @wearevi

Picture 44

Sundae on Saturday

July 26, 2009


Today was Ben and Jerry’s Summer Sundae on Clapham Common. I may be interning for Cake, the company behind the B&J PR but this report shall be wildly unbiased.

There was free ice cream.

I ate six. I may mean seven.


Here is Mr Super Furry Animals* holding a sign. This made me happy.

There was also band Marina and the Diamonds. Everyone raved about how Florence + the Machine played this slot the year before. (And before this, Lilly Allen) Maybe they will be big next year. She was skinny and had an 80s jacket and some silly but slightly staged dance moves – people seemed pleased by them.

I was with the photographers in the pit at the front of the stage so couldn’t take photos. Not a bad place to stand though.




*Gruff Rhys


Some Street Drumming on Oxford Street I saw last week. Enthusiastically smashed a bucket halfway through and made a snare out of change in a bucket – can’t really have been doing that badly then.

Nyle’s one shot video has become pretty talked about recently. Nice video, and I’m a bit of a fan of the music too. Nicely, his last album S’more is free for download (or on a little player here), which pleases me to no end. A Lou Reed sample with some lyrics on top doesn’t really go wrong in my book, but then maybe I’m a sucker for that.