Wendy’s Real Time

October 12, 2009

Just seen this: Wendy’s site is aggregating conversations about cooking, bacon, eating and hunger, in text, photos and videos in real time on its main site. I like it. It holds my attention for a bit, though it probably won’t make me go back. I think it was more that I don’t have much respect for Wendy’s, and whilst it’s not staggering it’s a nice move by the brand it and surprised me in an “oh gosh” sort of way.

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Hi, a real human interface.

September 30, 2009

This is a really good idea executed brilliantly. “A real human interface” – basically a human in a box being a computer. Not just any any old human; one with thick glasses and a spinning rainbow loading/freezing circle so you know it’s a mac.

Am I sold because it uses cardboard props? Not solely. It’s got nice style (the hand-pushed loading bars, the small bits of ham floating around, nice use of selotape, and silly nice details like the windcatcher), and I like that it pretends to be interactive, even if isn’t.

By the clever people at multitouch-barcelona.com


On Friday I went to Bestival, danced like an idiot to Soulwax and burnt my face. I also put my digital camera in the depths of my bag and after a short panic that I’d lost it, got hold of two digital cameras from an over priced off-license. I loved having a disposable, and I’ve just got them back from the shop (I’ve still got half a roll waiting to be used on the other camera so they might get developed next year).


I love how they look. The set’s here. I love how they look a bit like photos of me and my parents from the 80s, the photos of my childhood which I’ve always loved the aged quality of, with a faded ‘this is history’ look. Some of them aren’t straight, some I took by accident and I’ve discovered I’ve got an excellent knack for sticking my finger over the lens, but I don’t really care because I don’t have enough ‘real’ photos and love the novelty.




I stumbled across this interesting agency site recently. Nice interactive design – draw some shapes and their photos/portfolio appear. You can drag the layers around, and view them separately with a layer palette style thing at the top. If you’re patient and wait for the instructions, you’ll find you can also get news and search. The news feature is pretty cool.

It’s initially very distracting (although I’m not sure if that’s a good thing), so I’ve only just checked what the site’s for: a company called magneticNorth.

I’d be interested in a second opinion on this site though: How do you rate it?

Picture 6

This is one gorgeous, sexy and wildly inappropriate camera that I do not in any way need (apparently you can stick a bit of leather on any old camera and I’ll love it).

It’s a lovely-looking camera with some specs that mean a limited amount to me, it has some down sides:

It’s called the E-P1 pen – which is a pun in the same realm as the Harman Kardon GLA-55 speakers, so called because they are made of glass.

Their advertising uses Stop Motion. And whilst this is not full-stop a bad thing and follows a man from 1959 when the E-P1 camera was released through to the present day (I see chuffed people in a brainstorm following that), it’s dull. Think Wolf and Pig (in fact it’s a direct Youtube response) but longer, and released when Stop Motion had definitely become old. So it’s dull and long.

Which is a shame because the camera is the sex. Feel free to disagree with me on either.


My colleague Lee has exciting weekends. He likes to stick headphones together using sandwich bags and invent ‘tangle proof headphones’ with youtube video presentations explaining how they work.

Today he is pleased because his name is all over the net.

He’s about to hit 100,000 views in 3 days (even without featuring lego, star wars, or William Shatner in any way) and the idea’s been featured in Pocket-Lint, Gizmo Watch, and Core 77, amongst others.

I made a cruel joke and said Stephen Fry has tweeted about it. He hadn’t, and I’m very sorry Lee.

Unfortunately, it’s now impossible to patent the idea since it’s on public display, but his name’s streaking google so it’s not so bad for three days. Guess those PR skills have pay off.

His site is leewashington.com and the video’s below. It’s a bit plain says Steve, so we suggest maybe adding a Drum n Bass overlay. And even if it is a catchier name, he gets upset if you refer to them as “sandwich bag headphones.”

The new touchscreen coke machine: Coca-Cola Freestyle. The ‘ipod of drinks machines’ (quite a cool menu, lots of previously unavailable flavours) – producing excitable teenage stoners without the aid of drugs. Ace.

Enjoying this video quite a lot.
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