I am enjoying illustrated tweets today. Lovely and peculiar illustrations by Katie Vernon of tweets plucked from the public timeline. Of particular note are the father-like hairy legged animals; my father is made of 90% beard and had some glasses exactly like these in the 80s. He was a trend setter, and is still rocking the look today. (note: referring to image on the left)

tweets-coffee-web tweet-pants-web

Yeah, okay it’s really old.  But everytime I watch it I love it a little bit more.  More UK venues please Mr Etienne de Crecy, and bring those nice shiny cubes along too.

Hi, a real human interface.

September 30, 2009

This is a really good idea executed brilliantly. “A real human interface” – basically a human in a box being a computer. Not just any any old human; one with thick glasses and a spinning rainbow loading/freezing circle so you know it’s a mac.

Am I sold because it uses cardboard props? Not solely. It’s got nice style (the hand-pushed loading bars, the small bits of ham floating around, nice use of selotape, and silly nice details like the windcatcher), and I like that it pretends to be interactive, even if isn’t.

By the clever people at multitouch-barcelona.com

I stumbled across this interesting agency site recently. Nice interactive design – draw some shapes and their photos/portfolio appear. You can drag the layers around, and view them separately with a layer palette style thing at the top. If you’re patient and wait for the instructions, you’ll find you can also get news and search. The news feature is pretty cool.

It’s initially very distracting (although I’m not sure if that’s a good thing), so I’ve only just checked what the site’s for: a company called magneticNorth.

I’d be interested in a second opinion on this site though: How do you rate it?

Picture 6

Treehouse Gallery

August 8, 2009

Cycled to Regent’s Park Treehouses today. Consumed ice cream and saw two Lord Byrons (aka quiffy haired solitary men possing and reading books). We ambled around treehouses and I was reminded about numerous years of childhood naggings for a treehouse – nothing quite as fancy as these things, I’d have been happy with a wooden platform (or rather, that’s what I was pitching to my Dad as the simplest starting point).

At Uni there were rumours of a treehouse two students had made years ago. The directions were ‘up the hill, on the left near the field,’ which was great, but Sussex University happens to be on the Sussex downs: There are a lot of trees. Turns out it existed, and after a good forage round a massive wood we found it. It was miles off the ground and after drunk attempts, a few people made it up into the tree. It wasn’t bad, but needed some love. Then we navigated home with no torch with me using my camera as an occasional torch, ruining everyone’s night vision.

Today ended cycling home avoiding a big rain cloud. The treehouses were pretty sorted; they had umbrellas.

Here’s some photos that don’t ruin surprises, and the flickr set is here.


August 6, 2009

Beautiful shooting. Came across this guy from a set of underwater shots he’d done that attracted a bit of press. Then I found the rest of his photos. His flickr is here.





A bit slow here but..

August 4, 2009

Right, this is a nice idea. And it’s done really well. And it uses Cyan.

Trouble is, I think I’ve seen too much of repetitive fast-moving stop-motions to fully appreciate this.

I bloody hope not.
Because whilst this isn’t one, I’m having to remind myself exactly what it is.

Response to D&AD Student Awards brief set by Hewlett Packard.
“Present an idea which promotes HP Workstations ability to bring to life anything the creative mind can conceive.”

Smoking pot more like, says One can One Can’t.

Music by: Round Table Knights