New things this Summer

October 20, 2009


I feel like I’ve done a lot of new things this summer, so I made a big list (all with tedious links to relevant posts) because lists please me.

Lived in a big city
Cycled in london
went to barcelona, rome and naples
Saw two lots of prostitutes (Naples)
Saw dead bodies in pompei
Went to a wedding reception as a grown-up (conclusions: danced better as child)
Went to Lovebox and Bestival
Saw Florence and the Machine a lot accidentally
Went to first Tweetups – Cozytweetup in St James’ park, Ale 2.0 and Twestival,
Became a paid blogger,
Started writing for Bitchbuzz,
Went to pretentious grad and grown-up design shows
Went to my first company party (Moo). Stole balloons.
Went to a press conference
Did my longest placement to date.
Walked my soles out in london.
Saw my favourite comedians: Bill Bailey and Eddie Izzard
Was excited by seeing the countryside (felt horrified by this since i come from the countryside and clearly need to leave the city.)
Went to Ben and Jerry’s festival and did Press Pit runs. In front of the crowd is good.
Made candles.
Learned to cook more.

I haven’t made Naples sound great. It was very prostitue-ridden and a restaurant hunt ended in McDonalds. Also best driving at crossroads have ever seen in life – may not be of interest to those who do not like 6 minute videos of driving (I am mystified as to where the 102 views came from: Youtube search must be gold). I would love an aerial view of this:

Treehouse Gallery

August 8, 2009

Cycled to Regent’s Park Treehouses today. Consumed ice cream and saw two Lord Byrons (aka quiffy haired solitary men possing and reading books). We ambled around treehouses and I was reminded about numerous years of childhood naggings for a treehouse – nothing quite as fancy as these things, I’d have been happy with a wooden platform (or rather, that’s what I was pitching to my Dad as the simplest starting point).

At Uni there were rumours of a treehouse two students had made years ago. The directions were ‘up the hill, on the left near the field,’ which was great, but Sussex University happens to be on the Sussex downs: There are a lot of trees. Turns out it existed, and after a good forage round a massive wood we found it. It was miles off the ground and after drunk attempts, a few people made it up into the tree. It wasn’t bad, but needed some love. Then we navigated home with no torch with me using my camera as an occasional torch, ruining everyone’s night vision.

Today ended cycling home avoiding a big rain cloud. The treehouses were pretty sorted; they had umbrellas.

Here’s some photos that don’t ruin surprises, and the flickr set is here.

Sundae on Saturday

July 26, 2009


Today was Ben and Jerry’s Summer Sundae on Clapham Common. I may be interning for Cake, the company behind the B&J PR but this report shall be wildly unbiased.

There was free ice cream.

I ate six. I may mean seven.


Here is Mr Super Furry Animals* holding a sign. This made me happy.

There was also band Marina and the Diamonds. Everyone raved about how Florence + the Machine played this slot the year before. (And before this, Lilly Allen) Maybe they will be big next year. She was skinny and had an 80s jacket and some silly but slightly staged dance moves – people seemed pleased by them.

I was with the photographers in the pit at the front of the stage so couldn’t take photos. Not a bad place to stand though.




*Gruff Rhys

Super white exhibition

June 7, 2009

P1020093 P1020092

I may still be having confused fights with my new mac’s keypad (where is the ‘home’ button please?), but yesterday I had a play at furthering my ‘London chic’ side.  My bike’s just been fixed after a string of tedious punctures, which took a long time to fix since my bicycle capabilities stretch to removing the quick-release wheels.  Helpfully, a few friends have told me I’d be mad to cycle on London roads, which is tosh.

So I cycled off to the Super Contemporary exhibition at the Design Museum on the South Bank.  It’s essentially a big time line with designs, events, people and news that have shaped our perception of design that goes around the room, which is really quite nicely done and reminded me a bit of the Science Museum in the way that when I was younger I discovered that information stuff didn’t have to be dull.  It was pretty browsey and lightweight, which was quite nice because there were lots and lots of brightly coloured small things to look at (I am a sucker for brightly coloured things, especially if made out of paper it seems).

P1020089 P1020088 P1020087 P1020086

The nicest part was from a couple of companies asked to make maps of London.  A few were pretty standard – not bad, just the sort of thing I’d have leapt to do in a silly crafty girly way e.g. pictures stuck around parts of the map to indicate memories.  Airlift, a company I feel quite unintelligent not to have heard of, made a lovely map which ignored the logistics of London but was very impressive.  A hand-drawn St Pancras monster was roaring, small people were discussing cheese on the Eurostar, and ‘the Devil and his Cock’ made an appearance.  The photos are a bit full of reflections, but my favourite bits came out legibly.


This was a nice big sculpture of Trafalgar Square with a big raised garden field.  Nelson ends up being a statue, and there’s also some funky slides at the top.


There was also a chalkboard that said Protect me from my Protectors above it. We didn’t need protecting, so played noughts and crosses instead.

There was an upstairs with more design ‘stuff’ that centered around big clever designs – something about big modern designers pushing boats and stuff.  My favourite parts  of this section (and I suspect here that my version of good art isn’t the same as everyone else’s) were the child that sat on an installation, some dangling coat hangers, some sort of robot with page-tabs for shoulders, and the screen that said erection on it.  Unfortunately I couldn’t take a photo of this joy since the TV blurred and fuzzed at my camera, but I did of the child, much like a skulking anoraked man.

P1020101 P1020105


We then proceeded to spend as much time in the gift shop as in the exhibition. And then we went home. by which I mean the pub.