After a short fight with iPhoto, flickr, and laziness, I can state that at the start of July I went on a top-notch trip to Spain, primarily to dance badly at a wedding reception in Barcelona. And then I went to Italy which was all very well and good.  Here are my conclusions on Barcelona, Spain:

  • Many italian sex pests
  • Less full of drunk brits than prior snobbery than Easyjet flight suggested
  • Beach quite opposite of above statement
  • Excellent use of witches street cleaners with broomsticks
  • Small green birds made thrilling addition to the town

Sundae on Saturday

July 26, 2009


Today was Ben and Jerry’s Summer Sundae on Clapham Common. I may be interning for Cake, the company behind the B&J PR but this report shall be wildly unbiased.

There was free ice cream.

I ate six. I may mean seven.


Here is Mr Super Furry Animals* holding a sign. This made me happy.

There was also band Marina and the Diamonds. Everyone raved about how Florence + the Machine played this slot the year before. (And before this, Lilly Allen) Maybe they will be big next year. She was skinny and had an 80s jacket and some silly but slightly staged dance moves – people seemed pleased by them.

I was with the photographers in the pit at the front of the stage so couldn’t take photos. Not a bad place to stand though.




*Gruff Rhys