Sting may not inspire me to the end of the earth, but apparently you can’t beat 80s music and a nicely made video. Sting with the Prince’s Rainforests Project have made a funky little video in a push for pre-Copenhagen support.

I may be a sap for traditional Comic Relief style videos, but this one today grabs at my secret love of 80s music. Although you can’t win me over solely by sticking a Madonna or Sting soundtrack over any old junk – I’m a charity video snob, sorry – I’m a big fan of how this video’s been put together (it cuts in time and has celebs saying their names very seriously in a big list).

For such an serious cause, I do feel a bit too inclined to sign up and then dance around the 80s musical nonsense – though I’m fairly sure that’s the point. (Can we have obnoxious sing-alongs in Trafalgar Square to follow?) But now! To the trashy music vault that is my mp3 player!

Give 10 seconds, or 30 depending on your bandwidth. Sign up here.

This is one gorgeous, sexy and wildly inappropriate camera that I do not in any way need (apparently you can stick a bit of leather on any old camera and I’ll love it).

It’s a lovely-looking camera with some specs that mean a limited amount to me, it has some down sides:

It’s called the E-P1 pen – which is a pun in the same realm as the Harman Kardon GLA-55 speakers, so called because they are made of glass.

Their advertising uses Stop Motion. And whilst this is not full-stop a bad thing and follows a man from 1959 when the E-P1 camera was released through to the present day (I see chuffed people in a brainstorm following that), it’s dull. Think Wolf and Pig (in fact it’s a direct Youtube response) but longer, and released when Stop Motion had definitely become old. So it’s dull and long.

Which is a shame because the camera is the sex. Feel free to disagree with me on either.


I like this photo because the man at the front amuses me.

I do a lot of seeding at work. So I feel a lot of dismay that in this post I’m going to have to mention the Vauxhall Free Money Stunt. I don’t want to particularly because it’s not that interesting.

A post today reminded me of a film Ringo Star was in and I saw when I was about 9 on a slow-TV Sunday. As a change from Carry On films, I was pleased. I don’t know if I actually liked it, or whether I decided that satire was a nifty thing I wanted to get in on, like some sort of childhood scenester. A little bit like why I like Catcher in the Rye perhaps.

My Mother didn’t believe me when I said the Beatles had made a film about rich people swimming shit for money.

Today I’ve finally been reunited with the film since yes yes, Vauxhall made a car with £2000 worth of coins stuck to it to cleverly reminding people that’s how much a trade-in discount is worth (yes, the source of this info points out that it’s an effective way of getting a point across, but it doesn’t make me like it). And it was likened to a ‘clean version of Magic Christian’ which I was far more interested in. Here is a clip, it’s sexy:

Trade-in is a nice idea, although my parents leapt on the ‘splash out we’re near retirement’ bandwagon and bought up two replacement cars. The downside is that when you choose to buy the car you’ve always procrastinated over which has limited production, the trade-in time frame means you’re forced to get whatever colour is being produced in the time frame. Which in my Mother’s case is a lime green Beetle. I think that’s another of those things that becomes acceptable when you’re old perhaps.

Thanks to: cakeheadlovesevil where you can see more photos of people grabbing at the car if you’re so inclined.

A bit slow here but..

August 4, 2009

Right, this is a nice idea. And it’s done really well. And it uses Cyan.

Trouble is, I think I’ve seen too much of repetitive fast-moving stop-motions to fully appreciate this.

I bloody hope not.
Because whilst this isn’t one, I’m having to remind myself exactly what it is.

Response to D&AD Student Awards brief set by Hewlett Packard.
“Present an idea which promotes HP Workstations ability to bring to life anything the creative mind can conceive.”

Smoking pot more like, says One can One Can’t.

Music by: Round Table Knights


Strange advertising by Sony on Tottenham Court Road this morning. No ice creams I noticed. Also no electronics, mostly pamphlets.

Not as good as the Police charity volleyball beach outside Liverpool street station two months ago.


Clark Kent and a fat man in a puffy silver suit are trying to convince me that IE8 is the solution to madness in the new Microsoft ad today. Yes, it’s more in-your-face entertaining than the Google Chrome ad, and there’s a crafty face in a monitor whispering about decorative bowls but rather than rush to check IE out, I’m more likely to stay using my current Chrome browser to watch this nice ad again. It’s not groundbreaking, but it makes me smile.

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I live in a house where the system of organising post varies from ‘leave it at the front door’ to ‘store it under the coffee table’ that I’ve always found a bit strange, considering that’s the mother of our house mess.  A three month old parcel was unearthed today addressed to me, and technically means I’ve lied when I said it was new, but it was a very exciting moment anyway.

It turned out to be the winning result of a Pot Noofle competition.  And saying competition, I mean more of an apathetic ‘find the winning lid,‘ rather than a gusto-wracked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style thing.

I noticed two things.

1. It has a big red manly button.

2. It sounds like this (ignoring the loud text alert that interrupts filming):

Pot Noodle, really?  Surely it should emit a GRUNTing noise? It’s not alone – I saw the recent PN High School Musical spoof ad without sound the first time it came on TV, and when I finally did get the volume controls to co-operate with me, it gave me the lacking feeling of pressing the manly red button..


Maybe I just miss the gusto of this ad: