July 31, 2009


Some more merry conclusions from my holiday. I went to Rome for a bit. Things I have concluded:

  • Should investigate concept of smooth braking
  • 1980s sci-fi post apocalyptic style music pumped into the metro stations
  • Peculiar small cars everywhere.
  • Ice cream comes in trifle flavour though this isn’t necessarily good.
  • Striding traffic light men very jolly
  • Brilliant Vatican signs: illustrated people seen either wearing swimming trunks or limbs are falling off.
  • Ability to find an Enid Blyton book in any part of the world is completely excellent. As was book summary (above).



After a short fight with iPhoto, flickr, and laziness, I can state that at the start of July I went on a top-notch trip to Spain, primarily to dance badly at a wedding reception in Barcelona. And then I went to Italy which was all very well and good.  Here are my conclusions on Barcelona, Spain:

  • Many italian sex pests
  • Less full of drunk brits than prior snobbery than Easyjet flight suggested
  • Beach quite opposite of above statement
  • Excellent use of witches street cleaners with broomsticks
  • Small green birds made thrilling addition to the town

New things

June 6, 2009

Last Saturday, after cursing my tiny car and dumping half my belongings in a charity shop, I moved from Brighton to London.  I’ve learnt a few things (such as East London pick-up lines are crap) and seen a few things that made me smile.


The best was the exploding water main on the first day.  I had to get out of my car to excitedly photo it.  For some reason it suddenly felt like 1980s San Francisco (this could be explained by my not living much in the 80s, and never having visited America).  I couldn’t help but notice a distinct lack of small children running amok.


Having moved in, logic dictated I head to the pub.  Apparently Bow is (or seems intent on becoming) a trendy little place..  Not only a little bit chic with big lights and a Habitat bookshelf, but they also have Balderdash and Monopoly.  The barstools seemed to be made of itchy cow fluff, and the bartender didn’t have a facial function that wasn’t extreme grin.  These appear to be the only down-sides.


Halfway through the week Kingston College got renamed by way of a paper sign.  I liked it.

P1010999P1010998 P1020002

I had an exciting venture with a Chinese pancake thing in the park.  It involved me eating it and taking photos of this unusual object. It was a good venture.


I discovered graffiti with my name.


I located the largest chip in the world (Centrepage by St Paul’s)


I discovered the pickled mud fish.


And lastly I found a particularly unfortunate photo of Lorraine from the Apprentice in the Metro.