I live in a house where the system of organising post varies from ‘leave it at the front door’ to ‘store it under the coffee table’ that I’ve always found a bit strange, considering that’s the mother of our house mess.  A three month old parcel was unearthed today addressed to me, and technically means I’ve lied when I said it was new, but it was a very exciting moment anyway.

It turned out to be the winning result of a Pot Noofle competition.  And saying competition, I mean more of an apathetic ‘find the winning lid,‘ rather than a gusto-wracked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style thing.

I noticed two things.

1. It has a big red manly button.

2. It sounds like this (ignoring the loud text alert that interrupts filming):

Pot Noodle, really?  Surely it should emit a GRUNTing noise? It’s not alone – I saw the recent PN High School Musical spoof ad without sound the first time it came on TV, and when I finally did get the volume controls to co-operate with me, it gave me the lacking feeling of pressing the manly red button..


Maybe I just miss the gusto of this ad: