My colleague Lee has exciting weekends. He likes to stick headphones together using sandwich bags and invent ‘tangle proof headphones’ with youtube video presentations explaining how they work.

Today he is pleased because his name is all over the net.

He’s about to hit 100,000 views in 3 days (even without featuring lego, star wars, or William Shatner in any way) and the idea’s been featured in Pocket-Lint, Gizmo Watch, and Core 77, amongst others.

I made a cruel joke and said Stephen Fry has tweeted about it. He hadn’t, and I’m very sorry Lee.

Unfortunately, it’s now impossible to patent the idea since it’s on public display, but his name’s streaking google so it’s not so bad for three days. Guess those PR skills have pay off.

His site is and the video’s below. It’s a bit plain says Steve, so we suggest maybe adding a Drum n Bass overlay. And even if it is a catchier name, he gets upset if you refer to them as “sandwich bag headphones.”

I live in a house where the system of organising post varies from ‘leave it at the front door’ to ‘store it under the coffee table’ that I’ve always found a bit strange, considering that’s the mother of our house mess.  A three month old parcel was unearthed today addressed to me, and technically means I’ve lied when I said it was new, but it was a very exciting moment anyway.

It turned out to be the winning result of a Pot Noofle competition.  And saying competition, I mean more of an apathetic ‘find the winning lid,‘ rather than a gusto-wracked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style thing.

I noticed two things.

1. It has a big red manly button.

2. It sounds like this (ignoring the loud text alert that interrupts filming):

Pot Noodle, really?  Surely it should emit a GRUNTing noise? It’s not alone – I saw the recent PN High School Musical spoof ad without sound the first time it came on TV, and when I finally did get the volume controls to co-operate with me, it gave me the lacking feeling of pressing the manly red button..


Maybe I just miss the gusto of this ad: