Frisbee Campaign

May 27, 2009


Sussex University is big on campaigns to save the world.  These occur approximately every two months and seem to be run by a small but eager minority.  Recently they’ve helpfully had the BNP banned from talking on campus which is a great move for freedom of speech and educated debate and now, not limited to simply throwing pamphlets at people and showing graphic photos about campus, it appears we’re pretty good at sitting in tents too.  February was a bit cold so the sit-in to stop war in Gaza was inside a lecture theatre, but this week sees us branch outside.

On the sly Sussex has made clever pans to removed its Linguistics department, which perhaps wasn’t the smartest move.  There’s been some fun (and hopefully productive) uproar from students about this, which was nice because it involved people not just in this slightly rowdy minority.  Excitingly, The Argus and some MPs also got  involved.

This week’s new form of attack sees  a camp-out of pop-up tents against the decision.  It’s very civilised.  Interestingly, it seems to be operating under the possibly effective save linguistics campaign but hairy campaigners from a myriad of education-related issues have jumped on the er.. tenting band-wagon which makes working out what all the groups want a bit like this year’s G20 really.

Essentially, it seems to pan out like this:

1. Save linguistics!
2. Sussex Anarchists: Free Education For all
3. A free platform for speech
4. More people to join frisbee-playing campaign

Photos taken yesterday.  Today it is raining.