I have been remembering and relearning things at Fireworks parties with my blundering and honest compliments.

“I have to say, I love your coat.

I mean, it’s the ugliest coat ever. It’s got a drawstring around the middle and I’ve never seen anyone make that look good. That’s the type of coat your 50 year old child-minder wears and it doesn’t look cool, it just makes them look fat and sexless. But you, you’re the only person in the world I’ve ever seen make that coat look actually awesome. That’s insanely impressive.”

“Oh. Well, thanks. How convoluted.”

An explanation from someone who overheard:
“Well she probably sees the coat as an extension of herself, representing a part of her. She probably saw it in a shop and thought YES, This coat is my essence, this is perfect. It will represent me and my soul perfectly, it is amazing, I love it. Because it’s not just something that suits her, it makes up part of her.”

I forget this. I suppose I do the same – that’s why brand image is so important, because people are buying into the product. They want the values and to become part of that through the product. Like the BMW man buys into thick sunglasses and driving badly. These are his ideals (though I’ve heard that’s that Audi are the New BMW).

It’s strange how we can give our own alternative values to the ugliest items found in a charity (or vintage) shop or to old wildly ugly nikes twenty years later.


November 3, 2009

I’ve finally loaded up iMovie and operated youtube, and here is the beautiful result. Interactive panda design from WWF Pandamonium project at Selfridges. There were others, but this was the most interesting design (apart from the bear confused as to whether WWF meant wrestling). Article about the project here.

Picture 15

Picture 5

Thumbprints for Charity

October 25, 2009


I wanted to write about a charity wall I saw at Bestival. At the time I thought it was great – very simply adding your support by a thumb of finger print in blue or red. I say wanted to, I can’t remember the company which I suppose takes away quite a lot of the point, but it was a really nice idea and section of the festival. Adding to the wall gave a nice sense of community and group. Without the aid of alcohol.



Picture 2

New things this Summer

October 20, 2009


I feel like I’ve done a lot of new things this summer, so I made a big list (all with tedious links to relevant posts) because lists please me.

Lived in a big city
Cycled in london
went to barcelona, rome and naples
Saw two lots of prostitutes (Naples)
Saw dead bodies in pompei
Went to a wedding reception as a grown-up (conclusions: danced better as child)
Went to Lovebox and Bestival
Saw Florence and the Machine a lot accidentally
Went to first Tweetups – Cozytweetup in St James’ park, Ale 2.0 and Twestival,
Became a paid blogger,
Started writing for Bitchbuzz,
Went to pretentious grad and grown-up design shows
Went to my first company party (Moo). Stole balloons.
Went to a press conference
Did my longest placement to date.
Walked my soles out in london.
Saw my favourite comedians: Bill Bailey and Eddie Izzard
Was excited by seeing the countryside (felt horrified by this since i come from the countryside and clearly need to leave the city.)
Went to Ben and Jerry’s festival and did Press Pit runs. In front of the crowd is good.
Made candles.
Learned to cook more.

I haven’t made Naples sound great. It was very prostitue-ridden and a restaurant hunt ended in McDonalds. Also best driving at crossroads have ever seen in life – may not be of interest to those who do not like 6 minute videos of driving (I am mystified as to where the 102 views came from: Youtube search must be gold). I would love an aerial view of this: