Yeah, okay it’s really old.  But everytime I watch it I love it a little bit more.  More UK venues please Mr Etienne de Crecy, and bring those nice shiny cubes along too.

Best Creative brief ever

October 16, 2009

I love the way people use words, especially the last line.

Picture 3

Ikea Heights

October 14, 2009

Leading on from my love of Summer Heights High, “Ikea Heights is a melodrama shot entirely in the Burbank California Ikea Store without the store knowing.”

Killings and ‘stuffing box’ chat-up lines. Learnings: film an over-acted 80s plot in an ikea store on the sly and you’re sorted.

IKEA Heights from DaveAOK on Vimeo.

More here –

Hi, a real human interface.

September 30, 2009

This is a really good idea executed brilliantly. “A real human interface” – basically a human in a box being a computer. Not just any any old human; one with thick glasses and a spinning rainbow loading/freezing circle so you know it’s a mac.

Am I sold because it uses cardboard props? Not solely. It’s got nice style (the hand-pushed loading bars, the small bits of ham floating around, nice use of selotape, and silly nice details like the windcatcher), and I like that it pretends to be interactive, even if isn’t.

By the clever people at

Sting may not inspire me to the end of the earth, but apparently you can’t beat 80s music and a nicely made video. Sting with the Prince’s Rainforests Project have made a funky little video in a push for pre-Copenhagen support.

I may be a sap for traditional Comic Relief style videos, but this one today grabs at my secret love of 80s music. Although you can’t win me over solely by sticking a Madonna or Sting soundtrack over any old junk – I’m a charity video snob, sorry – I’m a big fan of how this video’s been put together (it cuts in time and has celebs saying their names very seriously in a big list).

For such an serious cause, I do feel a bit too inclined to sign up and then dance around the 80s musical nonsense – though I’m fairly sure that’s the point. (Can we have obnoxious sing-alongs in Trafalgar Square to follow?) But now! To the trashy music vault that is my mp3 player!

Give 10 seconds, or 30 depending on your bandwidth. Sign up here.

Business people of the world, do you want to learn things to your advantage? Now is the time because glory be, Prince Obi’s on Twitter! Harnessing the beautiful power of social media, he offers to teach us ‘things to our advantage’. He is looking for a wealthy business associates to send $1,000 to him – but it’s all legit you see. He says: “To prove I am genuine, I have established facebook profile”

Picture 46

That said, the Facebook’s gone walkabout and doesn’t seem to exist. Never fear though, his YouTube channel is host to an excellent video (see above).

Importantly, I hope he’s taken on board this piece of useful feedback:

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I love this. Definitely worth a follow: @Prince_Obi

In b flat

August 29, 2009

First collaborative youtube project that’s struck er.. a chord. So it’s either good, or I like it because it sounds a bit like The Album Leaf. I suspect as bit of both. I liked making combinations, but that got boring and usefully they all sound great together – even the Baz Luhrmann type voice (1,0). This is an awesome post because I get to use co-ordinates.

It is here.

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Excellent new form of DJing from the ‘Neurosonics Audiomedia Laboratory‘. Whilst kissing robots and frowning Einsteins may be real and are great (yawn) I still like this more. Also they wear lab coats so it’s clearly very scientific.
via: @wearevi

Picture 44

The new touchscreen coke machine: Coca-Cola Freestyle. The ‘ipod of drinks machines’ (quite a cool menu, lots of previously unavailable flavours) – producing excitable teenage stoners without the aid of drugs. Ace.

Enjoying this video quite a lot.
via litman


August 6, 2009

Beautiful shooting. Came across this guy from a set of underwater shots he’d done that attracted a bit of press. Then I found the rest of his photos. His flickr is here.