Things that made me happy

October 1, 2009

I watched this, a lot:

Last month I also wrote wildly educational pieces on Snoods, Polaroids and a Frog for This made me happy. And now for October..

Picture 21
Picture 23



On Friday I went to Bestival, danced like an idiot to Soulwax and burnt my face. I also put my digital camera in the depths of my bag and after a short panic that I’d lost it, got hold of two digital cameras from an over priced off-license. I loved having a disposable, and I’ve just got them back from the shop (I’ve still got half a roll waiting to be used on the other camera so they might get developed next year).


I love how they look. The set’s here. I love how they look a bit like photos of me and my parents from the 80s, the photos of my childhood which I’ve always loved the aged quality of, with a faded ‘this is history’ look. Some of them aren’t straight, some I took by accident and I’ve discovered I’ve got an excellent knack for sticking my finger over the lens, but I don’t really care because I don’t have enough ‘real’ photos and love the novelty.




Treehouse Gallery

August 8, 2009

Cycled to Regent’s Park Treehouses today. Consumed ice cream and saw two Lord Byrons (aka quiffy haired solitary men possing and reading books). We ambled around treehouses and I was reminded about numerous years of childhood naggings for a treehouse – nothing quite as fancy as these things, I’d have been happy with a wooden platform (or rather, that’s what I was pitching to my Dad as the simplest starting point).

At Uni there were rumours of a treehouse two students had made years ago. The directions were ‘up the hill, on the left near the field,’ which was great, but Sussex University happens to be on the Sussex downs: There are a lot of trees. Turns out it existed, and after a good forage round a massive wood we found it. It was miles off the ground and after drunk attempts, a few people made it up into the tree. It wasn’t bad, but needed some love. Then we navigated home with no torch with me using my camera as an occasional torch, ruining everyone’s night vision.

Today ended cycling home avoiding a big rain cloud. The treehouses were pretty sorted; they had umbrellas.

Here’s some photos that don’t ruin surprises, and the flickr set is here.

I went to a press conference on Friday

to represent the company, which was busy working. Three interns got rounded up and we walked to Chancery Lane to a shiny building with tall doorways, and were given badges. Another intern decided to break his, which was great because destroying things at inopportune moments is usually my forte.

It wasn’t bad. I thought it would be. One Young World have got lots of youth in a big youth room to make some resolutions for G8 & Copenhagen. There was lots of gleeful suggesting that they’ll have found at least 10 awesome political world leaders by the end of it. It was nice, I hope it pans out.


Then there was free wine, and free food.

The main point of the post:
Maybe I am not up on my class etiquette but

How long has something that looks like Bacon wrapped on a squishy Breadstick been an appetiser?

If there is a name for this delicacy I would like to know it.

At this point the badge-breaking intern threw crisps on the floor – which again is usually my thing, although I did have a short choking fit to remind myself nothing changes.


July 31, 2009


Some more merry conclusions from my holiday. I went to Rome for a bit. Things I have concluded:

  • Should investigate concept of smooth braking
  • 1980s sci-fi post apocalyptic style music pumped into the metro stations
  • Peculiar small cars everywhere.
  • Ice cream comes in trifle flavour though this isn’t necessarily good.
  • Striding traffic light men very jolly
  • Brilliant Vatican signs: illustrated people seen either wearing swimming trunks or limbs are falling off.
  • Ability to find an Enid Blyton book in any part of the world is completely excellent. As was book summary (above).


After a short fight with iPhoto, flickr, and laziness, I can state that at the start of July I went on a top-notch trip to Spain, primarily to dance badly at a wedding reception in Barcelona. And then I went to Italy which was all very well and good.  Here are my conclusions on Barcelona, Spain:

  • Many italian sex pests
  • Less full of drunk brits than prior snobbery than Easyjet flight suggested
  • Beach quite opposite of above statement
  • Excellent use of witches street cleaners with broomsticks
  • Small green birds made thrilling addition to the town

Sundae on Saturday

July 26, 2009


Today was Ben and Jerry’s Summer Sundae on Clapham Common. I may be interning for Cake, the company behind the B&J PR but this report shall be wildly unbiased.

There was free ice cream.

I ate six. I may mean seven.


Here is Mr Super Furry Animals* holding a sign. This made me happy.

There was also band Marina and the Diamonds. Everyone raved about how Florence + the Machine played this slot the year before. (And before this, Lilly Allen) Maybe they will be big next year. She was skinny and had an 80s jacket and some silly but slightly staged dance moves – people seemed pleased by them.

I was with the photographers in the pit at the front of the stage so couldn’t take photos. Not a bad place to stand though.




*Gruff Rhys