I was born in 87. In 1990 I discovered you could keep snow forever if you put it in a bag.

I’m in my third year at Sussex University, or rather I start on Tuesday. It’s a nice place. I study Media Studies and like to write about advertising and digital media, which is jolly. I get to put in big pictures sometimes too.

I like to live in the real world too, where I intern.
I’ve been at Glue, (untitled), and Mango, and Cake, and I idly played being a reporter for a bit.

I currently blog about digital things for (untitled), and write for BitchBuzz about things I like – these generally fall under the categories of culture and style but mostly without any serious logical pattern.

In my spare time I like to learn to cook new things, dance ceroc, and more rarely play Badminton. Alternatively I’m likely to be found cycling around Brighton (or my alternative forte of puzzling over bike punctures), design blog perving, taking amateur photos of things, or being mobbed by a Brownie pack. To clarify that, I work with kids.

I like short crafty things involving coloured paper and card, and was a big fan of this when I saw it. I have a big affinity with yellow paper. I also like Kleinzeit by Russel Hoban, although these facts are unrelated.

I like medium-length walks by the sea-side as long as they involve ice-cream, which I’ll inevitably throw down my front. It’s a good look.

I live in Brighton.

My short messages about life and infographs at twitter
My beautiful taste in music at last.fm
My simple and misguided photos at flickr
My collection of good things, forgetfully updated at delicious
My wordsmithyness of digital blogging for (untitled) london
My lovely LinkedIn profile

I operate an email. If you wish to send me a message do so to cftayler at gmail.com

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