Sexy camera time! Not so much for the advertising though..

September 1, 2009

This is one gorgeous, sexy and wildly inappropriate camera that I do not in any way need (apparently you can stick a bit of leather on any old camera and I’ll love it).

It’s a lovely-looking camera with some specs that mean a limited amount to me, it has some down sides:

It’s called the E-P1 pen – which is a pun in the same realm as the Harman Kardon GLA-55 speakers, so called because they are made of glass.

Their advertising uses Stop Motion. And whilst this is not full-stop a bad thing and follows a man from 1959 when the E-P1 camera was released through to the present day (I see chuffed people in a brainstorm following that), it’s dull. Think Wolf and Pig (in fact it’s a direct Youtube response) but longer, and released when Stop Motion had definitely become old. So it’s dull and long.

Which is a shame because the camera is the sex. Feel free to disagree with me on either.


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