The case of the Perculiar Breadstick

August 3, 2009

I went to a press conference on Friday

to represent the company, which was busy working. Three interns got rounded up and we walked to Chancery Lane to a shiny building with tall doorways, and were given badges. Another intern decided to break his, which was great because destroying things at inopportune moments is usually my forte.

It wasn’t bad. I thought it would be. One Young World have got lots of youth in a big youth room to make some resolutions for G8 & Copenhagen. There was lots of gleeful suggesting that they’ll have found at least 10 awesome political world leaders by the end of it. It was nice, I hope it pans out.


Then there was free wine, and free food.

The main point of the post:
Maybe I am not up on my class etiquette but

How long has something that looks like Bacon wrapped on a squishy Breadstick been an appetiser?

If there is a name for this delicacy I would like to know it.

At this point the badge-breaking intern threw crisps on the floor – which again is usually my thing, although I did have a short choking fit to remind myself nothing changes.

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