(untitled) london

June 26, 2009


Having just eaten an intern’s worth of company expensed Thai Friday food (alot) I’m going to use company time to blog.

Not a bad way to polish off my time at (untitled), a nice little digital agency in East London (cycling to work in 20 minutes?  Win).

Whilst I’ve been subjected to hours of radio 1 – not limited to but including the hour-long Michael Jackson stream helpfully continued throughout the day via office itunes – I’ve also been blogging (quite intensely), twittering, and blipping my little heart out (the latter not particularly difficult).  I’ve done some wonderful stats, report write-ups, research, and admin. I’ve watched a wonderfully creative design for an installation and website come together.  And I’ve also sat in on a creative meeting which descended into grown men playing neopets.


I inspired Dudley to spend half a day keenly organising post-in notes which in some way was the start of a pool league (foiled only by hot weather and glue). We’re sticking with the new table football.

P1020261 fishfish P1020264

I met Mr Fish called Rocket, and found an arty cardboard ‘christmas card machine’ lurking around the studio that Dudley’d made that got incorporated into a Christmassy website last year. I am a big fan of cardboard and nonsensical craft (combined) so this gets much love.


The studio’s right by Whitechapel gallery which we had a stroll around during a lunch (with perplexing mannequins) and it’s also opposite Brick Lane so I’ll be nosing around the free range design show going on there later.


The studio itself is pretty nice. It has the white walled, wooden floor look, with a couple of fat pillars around to hold the ceiling up. It should look ace with the illustrator Toby Triumph coming in next week to draw all over it. It makes me want to grab a fat marker pen and get busy on my walls at home (see awesome dinosaur design).

Beermaster on my last day, could be worse.


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