Stopmotion with Wolf and Pig

May 20, 2009

My dear friend Ryan made a good point on twitter today whilst pulling an all-nighter. Using the same theory I embarked on a voyage of discovery, and came across a nice stopmotion film, which was a jolly surprise as am not normally massive fan.  It features a pig and pleases me greatly. It also uses 1300 photos, a number that led me on a tangent into the costs of production and the time spent printing/dealing with supersnaps (etc) clerks. I concluded many joy-filled hours.

One Response to “Stopmotion with Wolf and Pig”

  1. […] to the present day (I see chuffed people in a brainstorm following that), it’s dull. Think Wolf and Pig (in fact it’s a direct Youtube response) but longer, and released when Stop Motion had […]

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